9gag Redhead Redemption PC is an endless runner with elements of action, themed jokes and internet memes. In this game, you control two brothers- a girl and a baby – armed to the teeth to escape from hordes of zombies and find his parents, who went to the super-secret lab.

Each of the brothers has distinct functions in the double. May is the oldest and loads your brother on the back, relying on physical attacks against any undead that comes close; already the baby George is responsible for clean shots at enemies that Chase. Win the missions, improve its arsenal and invest in power ups in this frenetic game and comical.

Welcome to differentials genre

It’s hard not to see at least one game of the genre endless runner who has made a success. For example Temple Run, Minion Rush, Amazing Spider Man, Subway Surfers and many others.

The biggest difference between them is the theme since the mechanics of style of these games is almost the same. But Redhead Redemption tried something new and was able to prove that there’s always room for change.

As much as I don’t look, bring obstacles behind the character is more than a change of layout. Games in the genre are intended to increase the speed and test your reflexes with challenges.

When the zombies appear behind, and it’s you who runs them, mechanics is far more resources and management time than quick thinking.

The gaze becomes more dynamic and free, fleeing some of the scripts and Rails that guide the protagonist in endless runners. In addition to the additions of these mechanical, themed 9GAG Redhead Redemption is quite different from competitors.

All our likes and then some

The proposal of the game is to gather all the content most commented comedy site 9GAG in one game. Redheads, babies, zombies, kittens, memes, weapons, etc., in the same place. It may seem far-fetched, but the game creates an excellent mood comical that represents what the site offers.

After all, there’s one thing better than killing zombies with a lap baby extremely tough? The exaggeration is part of the fun of Redhead Redemption.

If you like surfing on sites of comedy for sure will identify many references while playing. But there’s a catch: the game is in English, and non-fluent may not understand the jokes.

Graphics and original soundtrack

The 2D graphics feature a huge quality from the moment we opened the application until the end of a mission. The characters are charismatic and funny, as well as have fluid animations; the scenarios are varied, colorful and original, with high-quality textures. The interface is very well organized and well optimized, without any performance problem.

All elements of the game are a cartoon, including memes, which had a great adaptation to the 2D world. And to top it off, the soundtrack is very varied and of excellent quality, married perfectly with the comic climate. The songs are original and very good, making the game even more attractive.

A game to stay on a cell phone

Excellent 2D graphics, exciting gameplay and soundtrack Enga Jante, comic and entertaining theme and news to a saturated genre. If you don’t know a lot of jokes that roll on the internet, the game certainly won’t have the same impact, but still will be extremely fun.

Redhead Redemption is booked, so there’s still some potential bugs and crashes during gambling, but nothing that can disrupt a lot to experience. The game is completely free and offers almost no advertisements, something very welcome to mobile games. It’s definitely a great game to have fun on your smartphone.